Welcome to Swords of Turmoil

Honestly I probably could have named this campaign Swords of Folly. That’s how this things usually turn out. We’ve all seen the memes.

Swords of Turmoil takes place on Nehwon in the ancient city of Lankhmar on the Inner Sea.

The city of Lankhmar, the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, the City of the Black Toga, is the center of civilization. At least, that’s what most Lankhmarts think, and who’s going to argue with them? It is a great metropolis, the height of civilization, with every known pleasure and commodity available to those who know where to look. But it’s also a city of danger, of sinister forces, of depravity and death. It is a place filled with thieves, assassins, nobles, ladies of the night, merchants, soldiers, and yes, more thieves.

This campaign focuses, at least initially, on a certain group of nobodies in a certain ruinous tenement deep in the slums. Chance and the Fates for reasons known only to themselves have turned to gaze upon some of the residents there.

Swords of Turmoil

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